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The Physiotherapy team at AESMC is here to collaborate with multidisciplinary healthcare providers with the objective of offering holistic recovery. We take the time to understand our patient’s goals and needs and perform detailed assessments to formulate individualized treatment plans.

Professionals at AESMC employ the perfect blend of manual therapy, exercises, and electro-physical modalities to make you mobile, functional and independent. Prevention of potential health problems; pain, disease and disability management and promotion of your overall well-being are some of our focus areas. We provide rehabilitation from surgery, accident or injury; care for cardio-neurological conditions and stress management therapy.

Our Specialists

  • Mr. Prasanna Balabaskaran Physiotherapist

    Mr. Prasanna has done Mastery in Certified Manual Therapy (MCMT) from MTFI India and got certified in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) from the prestigious Prime Physio (UK). With over 8 years of experience in various hospitals.

  • Mr. Siju Vannathan Valappil Physiotherapist

    Mr.Siju completed his bachelors in physiotherapy (BPT) from Calicut university in 2012. He worked as a clinical physiotherapist at different hospitals and rehabilitation centers in India and UAE.

  • Ms. Prathibha Ajiv Nair Physiotherapy

    Ms.Prathibha Ajiv Nair is a Graduate in Physiotherapy from MG university,Kerala,India. She is expertise in Orthopedics,pediatric neuro rehabilitation, pre and post natal physiotherapy treatments.

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