5 Ways to know If You Are Overweight

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One fine morning you wake up rubbing your eyes and staring at the mirror in your room. You find yourself a bit bigger and you fail to wear one of your most favorite dress. You might get worried and start searching for Slimming centers in Abu Dhabi. You yourself put your name in the list of overweight people. But this may not be necessarily the fact always. According to World Health Organization (WHO) the definition of obesity is “an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a health risk”.  Studies says that in protecting the organs, an average of about 25 to 31 percent body fat is required for women and for men it is estimated to be in between 18–24 percent.


Many get confused with overweight and being obese. Both the category of people have too much body fat and are prone to health issues. But being obese is a much serious condition than being overweight as higher amount of body fat is accumulated in the body of obese people leading to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and various types of cancer.

The causes of overweight and obesity is not constrained to a specific reason of eating more calories. An imbalance in weight could be due to various other reasons like genetics where your parents are obese, physical inactivity where only few calories are burned, medications taken like antidepressants, psychological factors such as stress, Diseases such as hypothyroidism.

Somehow you could figure out whether you are obese or not.  AESMC one of the top body slimming clinic in Abudhabi suggests five ways in which you could know whether you’re Overweight.

1. By taking various measurements

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most common unit of measuring obesity. If your weight (kg) divided by the square of your height (m) gives a result of 30 or more then you are obese. If the BMI is between 25 and 29.9 you are said to be overweight. If it is 18.5 or less you falls into the category of underweight people. Another measuring unit to fing whether you are overweight is by Body fat percentage which is the measurement of fat in your body. It could be measured by the use of calipers.

Measure your waist circumference by wrapping a tape around your stomach. If it is more than 102cm for men and more than 88cm for women then they are at greater risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer. Measure the narrowest part of your waist comparing it to the widest part of your hip, this is Hip-to-waist ratio. If the waist circumference divided by hip circumference is equal to or less than 0.8 for men then the risk of lifestyle diseases is low. If it is equal to or more than 1.00 risk is high. For women it is low when the ratio is equal to or less than 0.70 and high when it is equal to or more than 0.8.


2. Snoring during sleep

Snoring is a condition of irregular breathing which disrupts your sleep. Shallow breathing is caused when the airway is narrowed by the deposition of fat by the body around the neck.

If your snore frequently disturbs your partner then it is time to check the Excess weight. When you’re sleeping if you breathe to repeatedly stop and start again then might be suffering from sleep apnea. During waking hours you may also feel extreme fatigue because of loss of oxygen.

3. Chronic fatigue

If you are tired all the time and finds difficulty in breathing when doing household chores then excessive weight may be your problem. Excess fat in your body causes internal inflammation in airways that may lead to Asthma.

Being obese can also cause serious health problems including Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Gallbladder disease, Heart disease, Stroke, Certain types of cancer, Arthritis, Breathing problems like asthma, Kidney disease and kidney failure.

4. Frequent heartburn

One-third of obese people suffers from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). When you experience nausea, a bitter taste in your mouth, and abdominal pain you can conclude that you suffer from GERD. More acid reflux means excess body weight.

5. Achy joints

When your knees, hips and back hurts then it is osteoarthritis, a common type of arthritis. Joint mobility is decreased leading to severe pain as your weight applies more pressure on all of your joints.

Consult our AESMC center for the best fat reduction treatment in UAE. Our expert panel of doctors will chose the right weight loss program for you. We ensure in taking care of the obesity problem of our clients and hence by providing a quality life for them.

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