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A complete guide for kids Ramadan fasting
A complete guide for kids Ramadan fasting
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During the holy month of Ramadan, people are required to fast from dawn to sunset for the whole month. When it comes to children, however, this regulation is different: they are not required to fast until they reach the age of maturity, but some children may express a desire to fast if they observe their parents and elder siblings fasting. Best pediatricians in Abu Dhabi recommend getting proper knowledge about the right way to fast for kids.

So, how can you make sure your child stays healthy as he begins to fast? Lack of proper nourishment throughout a kid's developing years might have a negative impact on him – which is why it's important that you connect with a good pediatric doctor in Abu Dhabi to know the complete diet plan for kids during Ramadan also here are some important tips which you can follow to ensure that your child enjoys their Ramadan rituals.

Important Tips for Children Fasting During Ramadan

If your child wants to fast for Ramadan, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

- Take Things Slowly It is really encouraged that children practice progressive fasting so that their bodies can become accustomed to going long periods of time without eating when they are older.

If your child is under the age of ten, you should limit the fasting period to a few hours, such as from breakfast to lunch.

Their bodies will be able to acclimate to going without meals easier if they are introduced to fasting for brief periods of time and progressively increase the length of the window.

- For the First Meal of the Day, Feed Them These Foods Suhoor, the first meal before beginning the day's fast, must meet the demands of the youngster in order for him to maintain his energy levels throughout the fast. It should also assist to quench thirst and speed up the digestion process. Eggs, bread, cheese, dates and other dried fruits, fresh fruits, yogurt, and milk are all good options for a meal that includes a variety of nutrients such as complex carbs, protein, and fiber.

- For Iftar, these meals are recommended When it comes to breaking the fast, the traditional methods are the most healthy. To begin, have two dates and a glass of water before delving into the delectable foods that await you. Salads and fruits should be consumed in large quantities to compensate for the lack of fluids during the day – and, of course, they are high in necessary nutrients.

- Food recommendations for meals Between Iftar and Suhoor There's water, water, and more water! For children, hydration is critical during the fasting period. Fruits, juices, milkshakes, and plenty of water are necessary not only to cure thirst but also to stave off hungry sensations.

- Make certain your children stay away from these foods and habits Certain foods can cause your youngster to become thirstier than usual and deplete his energy. A rapid change in eating habits is also likely to irritate his stomach. Make sure your youngster avoids salty, fried, or fatty foods that can make him thirsty. Similarly, overeating during Iftar will be too much for his stomach to take at one time -

Instead of allowing them to consume a large dinner all at once, divide it into two meals so that their digestive systems aren't overburdened all at once; save the delicious cutlets, sandwiches, and rice for afterward. Sweets after a fast might cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate, making him crave more; for this reason, wait for 2 to 3 hours after Iftar to feed him any sweets at all. It's also crucial to managing his physical activity because expending too much energy on his activities at school or at home might quickly exhaust him.

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