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Avail Ramadan Special Offers On Dental Care
Avail Ramadan Special Offers On Dental Care
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Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan is a wonderful movement of self-discipline. However, during a fast, you need to take certain steps to prevent it from affecting your dental health. Our best orthodontists in Abu Dhabi provide insights into oral health and dental care during Holy Month.

Misaligned teeth increase the incidence of headaches, migraines, and even cardiovascular disease. But as an adult, you want to refocus your smile carefully and with minimal discomfort and use something that adapts to your life. And this is where our team can help you find the right cure for your teeth.

Dental care special offers this Ramadan

Transforming smile with Braces at 1999 AED

Traditional braces are still held up as the most effective solution for a variety of orthodontic issues. They allow us to correct the alignment of your teeth. With the use of German technology, our orthodontists provide 3M braces, Damon braces, and traditional braces to help you smile more confidently and keep your mouth healthy.

Smile brighter and Whiter with Teeth whitening at 999 AED

It is a well-known fact that a beautiful white smile is impressive. A bright smile never goes out of style. With our professional teeth whitening treatments, we can rejuvenate your smile and give you immediate confidence. Over the years, our orthodontists at Abu Dhabi have improved patient smiles with our Teeth whitening and Phillips zoom whitening treatments.

Align your teeth perfectly with Invisalign at 6999 AED

Invisible Aligners are virtually transparent braces used by our highly specialized orthodontists in Abu Dhabi to treat teeth that may be crowded, crooked, or with gaps. Orthodontic treatment in Abu Dhabi with invisible braces is so special that it is very transparent, removable, and very comfortable. This innovative treatment of invisible aligners will help straighten your teeth, help better bite and close the gap between overcrowding and your teeth.

Medical Center at Abu Dhabi

At Adam and Eve Specialized Medical Center, we can offer a variety of treatments depending on the severity and complexity of your teeth. We offer Braces, Teeth whitening, and Invisalign, there are plenty of options to choose from when you come to us to get your smile straightened.

  • Dental Braces - 1999 AED
  • Teeth Whitening 999 AED
  • Invisalign - 6999 AED

Take care of your dental health this Ramadan and give yourself a bright smile with the best orthodontists in Abu Dhabi. Please book your consultation now during the month of Ramadan. It's a limited offer so the time is now. Blog Detail goes here