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Braces for crown teeth or root canal to achieve a perfect smile
Braces for crown teeth or root canal to achieve a perfect smile
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Braces are being worn by an increasing number of people for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Because many adults have had dental restorations, it is not uncommon for patients with crowns and bridges to receive orthodontic treatment. So, even if you have a current dental crown or bridge, orthodontics can still provide you with a beautiful smile using traditional metal braces or Invisalign.

Dental crowns and bridges are special restorations that are used to protect your teeth while also improving their appearance. In fact, they can do wonders for your smile and overall confidence. Adults with crowns and bridges can receive orthodontic treatment with braces. The duration and planning of orthodontic treatment may differ from that of someone who has no restorations at all.

Best Braces for existing dental work

First and foremost, it is critical to note that there are various types of braces to choose from. Fixed braces for the front teeth, fixed braces for the back teeth, fixed braces that cover the entire mouth, and removable braces are all options. An orthodontist will usually refuse to place fixed braces of any kind in the mouths of patients who have crowns, veneers, or root canals.

The clear plastic braces known as Invisalign are the only exception to this rule. This is why these fixed braces aren't as precise as metal braces. However, orthodontists have become experts in how to place fixed braces on mouths that have crowns or root canal work.

Will the crowns or root canals need to be replaced?

As previously stated, having braces usually does not harm existing dental work in the mouth. However, no two people are alike, and thus no two mouths are alike. The important thing to remember is that the orthodontist will consider everything before fitting you for braces. This would include the overall health of the mouth, such as the gums and teeth' integrity.

That is why it is critical to visit the orthodontist on a regular basis while wearing braces to ensure that everything is in order and that there is no damage to things like crowns or root canals.

Complications that may arise as a result of dental restorations

When patients get braces with crowns and bridges, they may experience the following complications:

Damage: The pressure of braces or Invisalign on your teeth can harm your restorations. This type of damage is usually cosmetic and can be repaired by your orthodontist.

Restricted tooth movement: Restorations, such as bridges, are not intended to move or shift out of position. As a result, the amount of movement that can be expected from orthodontic treatment may be limited.

Orthodontic Clinic in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to getting braces with crowns and bridges, there are a few factors to consider. If you have any questions about the orthodontic procedure, consult with a trained specialist at Adam and Eve Specialized Medical center in Abu Dhabi. We can discuss various options for straightening your teeth with you.