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In every household there may be at least one deep snorer who may be the spouse, partner, or other family members nearby. Snoring becomes a serious issue when it affects relationships. It is estimated that about 45% men and 30% women snore on a regular basis. Basically snoring is nothing but a sound produced by the vibration of the soft tissues of the upper airway during sleep. When the muscles relax and air has to flow through a narrowed throat it produces noise. Snoring cannot be taken as a simple issue as chronic snoring may even cause thickening of the carotid arteries increasing the risk of stroke. A serious health condition called obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can cause snoring that obstructs breathing many times throughout the night. Your ENT Specialist in Abu Dhabi can perform a comprehensive sleep evaluation including sleep testing to find the real cause. Apart from obstructive sleep apnea (blocked airways), snoring may be a sign of other serious health conditions such as obesity, an issue with the structure of your mouth, nose, or throat and sleep deprivation. At times it is caused by sleeping on your back or drinking alcohol during bedtime.


The cause for snoring varies from person to person. But to conclude we can list some most common causes seen among people. One should determine the cause of their snoring and consult your ENT surgeon in order to have a proper treatment.

Obesity – The fatty tissues of obese people obstruct their throat leading to snoring. Their throat and neck may be having poor muscle tone due to lack of exercise and they find difficulty in breathing. Sometimes obesity may be due to a sleep-related breathing disorder named sleep apnea. Pregnancy – Pregnancy can lead to weight gain which contributes to snoring in some women. Sometimes without substantial weight gain pregnancy can make their mucous membranes swell which causes nasal congestion and subsequent snoring. Gender – Men snore twice as to women because of their physical makeup. Even though they have larger airways, their larynxes are positioned lower in their neck, leaving space in their throat. Their tongue falls into this space during the sleep causing snoring. Age – As age increases throat becomes narrower decreasing the muscle tone. This is quite natural and can lead to aggravate snoring. Swollen tonsils or adenoids – Some people are born with large tonsils or adenoids which can naturally cause snoring. Large soft palate or uvula – If you have a large soft palate or uvula by birth as is common with autism, then also you tend to snore. Nasal deformity or injury – Any physical nasal deformities either by birth or injury block the airways. It makes things difficult as you may have difficulty in breathing clearly. The most common of these is a deviated septum. Sinus congestion from illness or allergies – A stuffy nose actually troubles breathing. Nasal congestions can be caused by any illnesses like the flu or common cold or some chronic allergies. This blockage causes snoring in many people. Medication side effects – When some medications like tranquilizers or sedatives are used, they relaxes the body including throat and nasal muscles. This makes them collapse and the result is ultimate snoring. Drinking alcohol – Since alcohol is a depressant, it has a sedative effect on the body. It relaxes the breathing muscles and causes snoring. Smoking – Cigarettes can inflame your nose and throat. This results in congestion, dryer mucous membranes, and snoring. Sleeping on your back – Back sleeping obstructs the airways depending on the position of your neck on the pillow. This also leads to snoring. Sleep apnea – It occurs from blockage of the airways. It requires proper diagnosis and treatment as the snoring sounds are like gasping or choking.


Self-diagnose your snoring and don’t wait to consult the Best ENT Doctor in Abu Dhabi if you have the following symptoms or signs on a regular basis:

Excessive daytime sleepiness Morning headaches Recent weight gain Awakening in the morning not feeling rested Awaking at night feeling confused Change in your level of attention, concentration, or memory Observed pauses in breathing during sleep Waking up with a dry mouth Feeling tired during the day Getting cavities or experiencing other dental health issues MEDICAL STRATEGIES TO STOP SNORING

Consult our ENT doctor in Abu Dhabi if you realize your snoring problem. There are many medical anti-snoring options available including medical devices or minor surgical procedures which helps you to get rid of your problem. First your doctor recommends a lifestyle change like losing weight, avoiding alcohol close to bedtime, treating nasal congestion, avoiding sleep deprivation and avoiding sleeping on your back. If the problem still exists there are treatment options like Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), Palatal Implants, Injection Snoreplasty, Radiofrequency, Tonsillectomy or Adenoidectomy, Nasal Surgery etc.

In AESMC our doctors will examine you, conduct tests and suggests the best treatment available for your snoring problem. Even the most complicated ENT scenarios are handled smoothly by our experienced ENT professionals. For more details Contact us.