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Pain in any part of the body is enough to slow the pace of life. Lower back pain is also one in the category that hinders the daily routine of a person. However, it is the most common kind of cramp suffered from humankind. Almost everyone starting from the age of 25 has been a target of this pain. It has been identified that lower back pain is one of the key reasons for people having to miss work.

The lower back starts below the ribcage. It is also called the lumbar region. Pain in this region develops mostly due to minor injuries that might happen during daily tasks or sports. Ageing is also one of the factors that add to body aches. This happens due to the reduction of fluid that is present between the vertebrae in the spine. Hence everyone above 30 years is at risk.


The primary symptom of lower back pain is the cramp in the lower back. It might be mild in the beginning. However, if left untreated, the pain in the lumbar region can turn into a chronic disorder. The pain can also escalate to legs, specifically the back side. The lower back pain may worsen with activities. Continuously lying down, induces the pain. Any activity that is prolonged for a long time targets the lower back, causing severe agony.


The major cause of lower back pain is a minor injury. In addition to these, various other reasons add to the pain in the lumbar region. These are-

Muscles and ligament strain Disc injury Sciatica occurs due to a herniated dis Sciatica occurs due to a herniated disc Spinal stenosis, spinal column narrows and exerts pressure over spinal cord and nerve Spinal curvatures can be genetic or due to bad posture Arthritis, inflammation in joints Kidney and Bladder problems Pregnancy Cancer DIAGNOSIS

Lower back pain might start with minor discomfort. However, ignoring the condition and choosing to self treat it will eventually make it chronic. It is always a rational decision to visit the doctor because the pain elevates taking a toll over the lifestyle. The doctor may ask for a complete medical history of patients to assess the root of the problem. Simple medicines and exercises can treat lower back pain in the primary stages. Hence the doctor may monitor the case for a few weeks before starting the diagnosis

If the pain persists even after the initial medications, X-ray, CT scan, Ultrasounds and MRI’s may be necessary. These help in understanding the bone, disc, muscles and ligaments. Hence evaluating the damage and root cause will be easier to start further treatment.

Choosing a doctor is also a crucial decision. He is the one who might bring you out of severe pain, causing hindrances in the daily chores. Hence look no further and visit the best Orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi. Aesmc is blessed by a highly qualified fleet of medical professionals. They are ready to serve the patients with the help of their knowledge and world-class equipment


The initial weeks are crucial in treating lower back pain. Most doctors recommend mild medications, ample rest and application of ice in the area. Alternately heat pads are also placed at the affected area. Pain killers are provided to lend some relief. This treatment is continued from 48 to 72 hours. The patient is advised to refrain from rigorous work and maintain a good body posture.

If there is no relief, doctors start the next stage that includes proper diagnosis through the medical equipment. At this point, X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound and CT scan are conducted to evaluate the depth of the situation. The laboratory result determines the further course of action. Sometimes extensive sports and other physical activities may be the root cause for lower back pain. In such cases, Orthopedics & sports medicine treatment are suggested.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) are prescribed for the relief of lower back pain. Ibuprofen, naproxen, ketoprofen and many other medicines are available in the market. However, no tablet is proven as the best. Doctors might alternate between them to determine the one that is suitable for the patient. Gentle compression is also done on the affected area to reduce the intensity of pain.

In case medications and physical therapy does not soothe the lower back, injection is given on the back. These injections mostly contain steroid medications. The procedure is called Nerve root block, and it targets irritated nerves.


Chronic lower back pain can also be treated with the help of minor surgery. Ensure that you are consulting the best orthopedic surgeon for best results. Adam & Eve specialized medical center ( Aesmc) has the best orthopedic surgeons and treatment here is accomplished with able medical professionals using modern machinery.

Surgery is performed by removing the herniated disk and widening the space around the spinal cord. In some cases, two spinal vertebrae are fused.

The expert doctors at AESMC spring into action to serve the patients. Visit here for treatment by the best orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi.