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Management of Thyroid disease with Ramadan Fasting
Management of Thyroid disease with Ramadan Fasting
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People from all around the world fast for one month from dawn (Sehr) until dusk (Iftar) during Ramadan. The body undergoes a number of small metabolic and hormonal changes as a result of prolonged fasting. Which, in a healthy person, rarely causes any problems. However, certain chronic conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, can cause complications, therefore patients should consult their doctors before fasting. There is currently no evidence that people with thyroid problems should change their therapy during Ramadan. The best general medicine doctors in Abu Dhabireviewed the facts and offered some recommendations in this regard.

Thyroid hormone replacement options and variables that influence absorption

Thyroxine and its Levo-isomer (levothyroxine) are the most generally accessible options for thyroid replacement, whether primary or secondary. Food/medications (cholestyramine resin, sucralfate, iron sulfate, calcium preparations, aluminum antacids, raloxifene, activated charcoal, certain soya products, and food and herbal treatments) impact thyroxine absorption, hence it's normally administered orally (empty stomach) as directed. A fiber-rich diet, the traditional South Asian diet, and coffee first thing in the morning may also interfere with levothyroxine absorption. In the fed state, the amount absorbed reduces from 80% in the fasting state to 60% in the fed state. As a result, levothyroxine absorption is incomplete when taken with food, resulting in fluctuating and increased TSH levels.

To avoid interference with intestinal uptake by food or medication, most drug information resources recommend taking levothyroxine nearly an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach. Though taking thyroxine between meals or with food may not be the ideal option for a variety of reasons, taking it before the night has been proven to have nearly the same impact as taking it on an empty stomach.

The following are some hypothyroidism treatment alternatives that can be investigated.

  • Before Suhur dinner, take a thyroxine tablet.

  • Before the Iftar meal, take a thyroxine tablet.

  • Take a thyroxine tablet before going to bed. 2–4 hours following the iftar meal

  • In conjunction with your Endocrinologist, switch to weekly thyroxine.

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