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Smile is the best accessory, but tooth decay doesn’t allow us to wear it. Moreover, the rot is not only ugly but extremely painful too. Toothache is unbearable and can rush the patient to the hospital within no time. One of the critical causes of pain is an infection in the pulp chamber. This condition needs to be treated without delay as it is likely to affect even the neighboring tooth and also form abscesses.

In such cases, a root canal or an Endodontic therapy is needed to cure the area. The procedure is to remove the decay and fix the teeth after thoroughly cleaning and sealing the pulp chamber.


A toothache may seem bearable, and sometimes patients irresponsibly consume over-the-counter pain relief medicines to eradicate the pain. If a rotten tooth is a reason for the pain, it is a wise decision to visit adental clinic in UAEand start the treatment soon. Impending on this may result in severe complications such as

Severe infection or abscessed tooth Acute form of inflammation and pain Osteopenia or bone loss A hole can occur, resulting in damaging the surrounding tissues and also penetrate deep into the skin, causing even more complications. STEPS INVOLVED IN ROOT CANAL THERAPY

Endodontic treatment will take only 1 seating or maybe 2, in case the tooth is severely damaged. It is a simple procedure with negligible discomfort. There are eligible doctors in Abu Dhabi who make sure that the patients can glide through the entire process without any complications. Three basic steps are involved in root canal therapy. However, before that, an X-ray is needed to determine the shape of the root canal and access if there is any damage to bones. Subsequently, Endodontic therapy takes place in the following manner-

Cleaning The primary step is to provide anesthesia to the patient. A sheet of rubber is placed surrounding the teeth to keep it dry and free from saliva. Then the dentist creates holes into the surface of the teeth and removes the topmost portion of teeth. All the decay is eradicated, and the area is thoroughly cleansed. Root canal files are of increasing diameter. These are used for an effective cleaning procedure.

Filling After cleansing the tooth needs to be cleaned. Some dentists prefer to wait before sealing and apply medication inside the teeth. The area is decontaminated using tiny files and irrigation solutions. Next, a sealer paste and rubber compound called gutta percha are used to fill the space. The filling is also used to cover the access holes drilled to remove the surface of teeth.

Adding crown The final step is the restoration of teeth. Since the tooth had decayed and is fragile, a crown needs to be placed for support. At times a post is also lodged for extra support. A crown is then cemented to create stronger teeth that never dislodges.


Endodontic treatment is a painless procedure that induces nil to negligible pain. Moreover, the anaesthesia too makes sure that the patient is at ease. However, the patient may feel sensitivity due to inflammation for a few days after the therapy. Doctors do prescribe pain relief medications to ease the discomfort and minimize the pain. Root canal therapy doesn’t bind the daily routine in any way, and a person can return to doing regular chores the next day. It is advised to refrain from intense chewing of food for a few days after treatment and allow the area to heal.

It is wise to visit the best dentist in Abu Dhabi at Adam & Eve Specialized Medical Center (AESMC) to receive efficient diagnosis and treatment through experienced doctors and modern amenities. This ensures that the treatment is successful and without any harsh effects.


An old school saying is that ‘prevention is better than cure’. There are ways to eradicate many teeth problems by following some general cleanliness routines. These are-

As it was taught in early childhood, brush your teeth twice a day. Fluoride toothpaste is savior, use it. Use a soft toothbrush with a small head and replace it every 3 months. Regularly floss to keep plaque at bay. Visit the best dentist in UAE regularly for checkups. Refrain from consuming a lot of sugar. Maintain a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables in abundance. Root canal or Endodontic treatment is considered to be highly successful. The rate is 95%, and the treated tooth lasts for a lifetime. The only condition is that one visit the best doctors in Abu Dhabi. Visiting a well-equipped hospital like AESMC will ensure that the best dentist in UAE treats you.

Teeth are always in style, so eradicate all the flaws and smile to life.