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Sitting disease and its impact on your spine
Sitting disease and its impact on your spine
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Why does sitting around all day cause lower back pain? It’s because the posture of your spine is reliant on constant flexibility and movement to keep itself pliable. Sitting down for long periods can cause the discs in your vertebrae to lose their cushioning, which causes back pain. A physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi will help in back pain relief.

Cause of Lower Back Pain

The most common cause of lower back pain is postural stress. Lower back pain is frequently brought on by sleeping in the wrong position, prolonged bending, heavy lifting, or even standing or lying down in a poor, rounded back position.

Lots of sitting can start a cascade of events in the core and legs, resulting in several problems. When sitting for an extended period, the hip flexors are in their shortened position, which can prevent the glutes from firing, making them weak and causing the hamstrings to overwork. This results in anterior pelvic tilt (APT), an excessive tilt of the pelvis.

How Sitting Down Affects Our Muscles

The human body is naturally built to stand upright. It helps the bones maintain more strength, exercises the muscles that hold them together, and allow better blood circulation. Sitting down for an extended period disrupts this process, pushing your body out of alignment and affecting overall health.

This added pressure on your vertebra and back muscles can cause severe and chronic back pain depending on your body weight. Because people are more likely to live a sedentary lifestyle today, it’s even more crucial that they are properly informed about the risks of sitting down for too long.

Some complications that may arise from sitting down for long periods are:

- Poor posture: Developing poor posture can lead to serious issues like kyphosis, joint problems, and improper circulation.

- Pinched nerves: Sitting for long periods can lead to pinched nerves, triggering symptoms like neck pain, back pain, and other acute trigger points within your nerve clusters.

- Muscular degeneration: Sitting causes your hip flexor muscles to contract, increasing your risk of developing hip-related disorders.

- Increased weight gain: Moving around is one of the body’s best ways to burn calories. If you sit down all day, your digestive system stops running efficiently, which leads to increased weight gain.

Treat your back pain and improve your spinal health

Back pain from sitting all day can be an early indicator of more severe complications and needs to be diagnosed immediately. While physiotherapy and exercises can help with pain management, these are preventive and palliative options that may not adequately address the cause of the pain. In severe or persistent back pain caused by sitting all day, consultation with the best physiotherapist is still the best option.

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