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What Happens When You Have Sinusitis?
What Happens When You Have Sinusitis?
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Some people always complain of cold and cold, but most of these cases are of sinusitis. First of all, it is important to know what it is. Actually, there are many cavities (hollow holes) in our skull. They help keep our head light and breathe. These holes are called sinuses. If mucus gets filled in these holes, then it becomes difficult to breathe. This problem is called sinusitis. In common parlance, it is also called sinusitis. Every year a large number of people fall prey to it or say that new cases come every year. People who have allergic sinusitis, are at risk of developing the problem during the Pollen season and the smog in winter. First, an itchy throat occurs due to cold and pollution. With this, the nasal congestion, There are complaints like runny nose and fever. If these symptoms persist for several days, it may be acute sinusitis. If this problem starts recurring or persists for more than three months, then it may be chronic sinusitis.

Why do sinuses get infected?

Obstruction in breathing, enlargement, and obliqueness of the nasal bone, allergies are its common problem, that is, if there is a blockage in the narrow entrance passage of the sinus due to any reason then it is sinusitis. Apart from this, sometimes the mucus gets filled in the hollow holes, due to which the sinuses are closed. Also, the sinus membrane becomes inflamed due to infection. Because of this, pain starts in the head, forehead, cheeks, and upper jaw. This disease is not caused by a bad lifestyle, but people who are in field jobs, that is, those who live in pollution for a long time or are associated with professions like wood industry, etc., are more prone to sinusitis.


  • Headache and heaviness

  • Changes in voice

  • Fever and discomfort

  • Pain just above the eyes

  • Loss of sense of smell and taste

  • Yellow liquid coming out of the nose

How to know if you have sinusitis

Colds often get better by taking their full time. It gets better within a week at most. However, from the third-fourth day, the intensity of the cold starts decreasing. But if the cold suddenly stops flowing within a day or two or gets better on its own, then it may be that the cold has not come out and has frozen inside which can later become sinusitis. If the cold lasts for about a week and is cured after taking its full time, then the patient is not at risk of getting sinusitis going forward because the mucus, etc. comes out through the nose but if there is a frequent cold and it goes on its own in two-three days. If it is cured, does not flow or if it is stopped by taking medicine, then it becomes sinusitis.

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