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When fatty tissue that lies deeper in the skin pushes up against connective tissue a Cellulite is formed. It normally occurs in the thigh region as the area has more fatty tissue. 85 percent of all women have cellulite in their body. The cellulite formation cannot always be blamed for fatty tissues. There are several factors that leads to the formation of a cellulite. They are:

Age Estrogen Family history Tissue inflammation Increased fatty tissue caused by weight gain Loss of collagen Poor circulation (a common issue in the legs) Poor lymphatic drainage Thinning epidermis (outer layer of skin)

Fat freezing is one of those effective methods for body fat removal. In this method fat cells are frozen for a period of time. Since it is a non-surgical fat removal treatment, alternative to liposuction it is much safer and helps in reducing Cellulite to a far extent. A benefit of Fat freezing is that it can be applied to areas such as tummy, thighs, or arms. Research shows that fat cells would freeze before skin freezes, so most of the professionals adopt this method for Fat reduction treatments in UAE.

In AESMC, we provideCooltech Fat Freeze, one of the best cellulite removal treatment for our customers. It must be noted that since fat doesn’t weigh as much as muscle, fat freezing doesn’t help you in loosing heaps of weight. Only if you follow a healthy diet you will be able to maintain the results of your Cellulite treatment in Abu Dhabi.

As there is a huge leap in technology various non-invasive fat reduction treatments came into limelight for those who have struggled to do fat reduction treatments. Some Non-invasive fat reduction treatments damage fat cells by exposing them to controlled cooling and some expose fat cells to heat. CoolSculpting is the most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world where fat cells are freeze to death using precisely controlled cooling. Coolsculpting in Abudhabi is mainly done by our AESMC center where you could return to your normal daily activities after the treatment. Depending on the area treated and applicator used CoolSculpting treatment time can vary. An average of 2 or 3 treatments are required per area in order to get expected results.

Body fat removal using fat freezing can be carried out in areas like abdomen (belly fat), flanks (love handles and hips), back, armpit fat (bra bulge) ,thighs (inner and outer thigh fat), sub mental region (double chin and neck fat), below the buttocks (banana roll), chest and upper arms.

The Cooltech we use in AESMC center is a medical device based on Fat freezing technology. When the applicator of the machine is places on the fat deposited area, the temperature of metal plates inside the applicator increases to -8℃ to freeze the targeted fat. Within 15 days to 45 days the body will automatically throws out the frozen fat during the process.

The benefits of a fat freezing treatment includes:

Non-Invasive body contouring procedure Freeze away fat cells Targets stubborn bulges Minimal to No Downtime FDA Approved Can help define musculature Minimally-invasive Long lasting, natural looking results Approved for all skin types Since Cooltech Fat Freeze is a non-invasive and non-surgical fat removal method of Cellulite treatment in Abu Dhabi, little to no downtime is required for the process. No general anesthesia is given so there will be no or minimal side effects for the patients. An advantage of the treatment is that incisions or scars will be absent which gives confidence for the patients who look for an ideal body weight. Fat freezing is a safe, well-tolerated, and an effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment in UAE where you feel comfortable during the whole procedure. You may experience a sensation of cold and a tugging feeling at first but later the area goes numb. There may be mild tingling, tenderness, bruising, redness and numbing after the treatment but this also depends on the patient’s sensitivity.

Within 8-12 weeks after the treatment the results of your Cellulite treatment becomes clearly visible. Cooltech Fat Freeze is a revolutionary body fat removal treatment that came up in the body contouring industry. Fat freezing removes the unwanted fat in your body safely, painlessly, and effectively without diet and exercise. Millions of people are getting attracted to this technology worldwide, making it an alternative solution to all surgical fat reduction treatments.

Adam and Eve Specialized Medical Centre (AESMC) offers a variety of Fat reduction treatments in UAE for our customers who are worried about their weight. Using our Cooltech Fat Freeze we are able to contribute a better life for our patients. Contact us anytime for more queries