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Bond with your Baby

  • Your child pediatric clinic Abu Dhabi believes that one of the most gratifying phases of childcare is the sensitive time in the first hours and days after birth. This is a time when you as a parent form a deep connection with your bundle of joy. Physical closeness during this period stimulates emotional bonding.


  • Cradle your baby and gently stroke him/her in different patterns. Enjoy the “skin-to-skin” experience by holding your newborn against your skin while feeding or cradling.


  • AESMC, your child-friendly medical center Abu Dhabi,suggests that babies love sounds-so talk, babble and sing to your baby. Your baby will also love listening to music. Baby rattles and musical mobiles are good to stimulate your baby’s hearing. You can recite poetry, nursery rhymes and read aloud as you sway or rock your baby gently in a chair.


Important tips while caring for your newborn child:

  • Wash your hands. Use a hand sanitizer before touching your baby. Newborns are at risk for infection as they are yet to develop a strong immune system. Everyone who handles your baby should have clean hands.


  • Your baby’s head and neck need support while you carry them.Cradle your newborn’s head when carrying him/her. Support the head when carrying your baby upright and when you lay your baby down.
  • Your child doctor in Abu Dhabi reminds you never to shake your newborn.Shaking causes bleeding in the brain and may lead to death. To wake up your baby, tickle his/her feet or blow gently on his/her cheek.


  • Securely fasten your baby into the carrier/stroller/ car seat.


  • Your medical center Abu Dhabi suggests making your baby lie on his/her tummy every day for a short while. This will make his/her neck and back muscles stronger. It will also improve vision, as he/she will need to look up and sideways to see.



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Trimming baby nails

Newborn nails grow fast. Your baby may scratch his/her face or body. Use baby nail clippers as the nails of your baby are soft. Trim the nails gently when your baby is asleep. Do not trim deeply as the nails are very tender.

Sleeping pattern

Newborns need to sleep for about 16 hours a day during the first two months. They usually take naps that are 2 to 4 hours long and wake up when hungry or wet. As a mother, you should try to take naps along with your baby. You can also use the time to have a bath or a meal peacefully.

Bath Time

 Keep all bathing and changing supplies ready before you take your baby for a bath. Bathing him/her just before bedtime helps him/her sleep soundly.

Diaper change

If your baby is getting sufficient breast milk/formula, he/she will wet at least 6 to 8 diapers a day, along with regular bowel movements. Change diapers frequently, as soon as it feels full. You may need to change diapers at least 10 times a day.  To prevent UTI, wipe your baby girl from front to back. Allow your baby to remain without a diaper for a few hours every day.


After feeding your baby, he/she needs to be burped. Babies swallow air while feeding. This causes gas and colic in their tummies. Your child pediatric clinic Abu Dhabi states that burping expels this excess air and aids digestion. Gently hold your baby against your chest with one hand. The chin should rest on your shoulder. Pat or stroke the back gently with your other hand until she/he burps.


Your infant should be fed only breast milk for the first 6 months. Breast milk contains vital nutrients and antibodies essential for your baby’s survival and growth.

Call your child doctor in Abu Dhabi for queries related to care for your newborn.


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