Dr. Soumya SimonBDS, MDS Dental Department

    Cosmetic Dentist in Abudhabi

    Dr. Soumya Simon graduated from the University of Kerala and had gained a broad experience in dentistry in India and in the UAE allowing her to offer comprehensive care to both children and adult patients

    Dr. Soumya has been trained in centers of excellence in Government Dental Colleges of Kerala. She has a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry including restoration following the latest advanced technology in the field of dentistry. Her enthusiastic belief that beauty without a good smile is not beauty is appreciated by all her patients in UAE dental clinic.

    Dr. Soumya has always focused on providing her patients with the extraordinary quality of care that they deserved and need. Her passion and commitment to give children a healthy smile stem from her deeply rooted belief that a child’s smile is the path to the future. She is highly qualified in dental anxiety management. She is proficient in root canal treatment, fillings, extraction, crowns and bridges veneers, teeth whitening, stainless steel crowns, pulp capping, pulpectomy, removable prosthesis, composite fillings, fixed and removable space maintainers.

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