When to Take your Child to ENT?


Catching cold, flu and other weather-related issues are quite common for kids. It is the time when their immune systems are getting stronger. Their immune systems are constantly on the practice to fight germs and every bacteria and virus associated with cold and flu. Therefore, you must be in touch with a good paediatrician in Abu Dhabi. However, though each and every cold and flu doesn’t mean you have to visit a child paediatric clinic, Abu Dhabi, you might have to visit a doctor when the colds turn into ear infections. This is because the frequent ear infections could pose a constantly recurring and painful ear infection. When this happens, you should get the sign that it is the time to visit the ENT for your child.

Why are Kids more prone to various Ear Infections?

When take your child to ENT | ENT specialist Abu DhabiAccording to the physiology of the human body, the ears drain into the posterior of the nose and then drain down to the throat. Gravity helps a lot in this case and it is practically a vertical path. However, the structure is a bit different in the kids. In kids, the gap between the back of the nose and the ear is not very wide or long. As the head of the child is comparatively very small, the path is almost horizontal. In such cases, the force of gravity can do nothing about the drainage.

As a result of this, the bacteria or the fluid that is formed in the ears, can linger for a longer period of time. This situation sows the seed for an acute infection. You must consult a Kid Paediatrician in Abu Dhabi when your child faces any such problems. Timely consultation can really help your child’s healing.

How would you know when to consult a Pediatric ENT?

Most of the colds are self-treating and they resolve themselves in a time of around 7 to 10 days. Antibiotics do not usually help in such situations as the diseases are mostly viral. You should allow the child to heal properly at home and ensure that you are able to relieve the symptoms that cPaediatric ENT Specialist in Abu Dhabiould make your child feel more comfortable.

However, if your child is suffering from severe cold or colds that persist beyond 10-15 days, you must understand that you need to consult a paediatrician. If there are cases when your child gets ear infections due to colds, you must visit aPaediatric Clinic Abu Dhabi to get expert advice for your child. There could be times when your paediatrician may refer you to a paediatric ENT. However, there comes a time when the paediatrician should refer your child to a paediatric ENT. This necessity varies from child to child. If your kid has an ear infection more than three to five times in a particular ear, it is necessary that you consult an ENT for your kid, even if your paediatrician doesn’t advise you for the same.

This is because, frequently occurring ear infections mean that the infection is chronic and needs immediate attention from an ENT specialist who treats kids and children.

Do children outgrow ear infections or not?

With the growth in age of the child, their head also grows. This leads to an increase in the space between the back of the nose and the ear. Because of this expansion, the area or the tract will go on from becoming a vertical one from a horizontal one. This allows the gravitational force to support the drainage from the ears and the nose. It usually takes five years for the child, from his birth, to get this vertical axis.

However, if your child still suffers from such chronic ear infection after reaching the age of 5, you must consult a paediatric ENT at the earliest otherwise; your child may encounter other serious issues.

How Pediatric ENTs Treat Ear Infections in your child?

Ear Infection treatment in Abu DhabiThe first step of any treatment involves the proper diagnosis of the underlying disease. The paediatric ENT will first examine your kid’s ear to check for the root cause of the ear infection. He might prescribe certain medicines that will help in fighting the infection and bring down the inflammation.

The ENT could also resort to inserting small tubes inside your kid’s ear to assist in draining out the fluid. This is one of the most common procedures that ENT specialists carry out to relieve your child of the ear infections and its associated pains. You would not have to refer to another surgeon for this drainage, as ENT specialists are quite trained in this regard as well.

The process of inserting tubes is rather a minor one and the child recovers quite soon. It is indispensable if you do not want your child to suffer from any hearing loss due to the infection.

If your child faces any such acute ear infections, you must consult a paediatric ENT at the earliest!

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