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Internal Medicine Doctor

Our Department of Internal Medicine is geared towards treating simple and complex adult diseases. We have outstanding expertise in handling chronic illnesses from prevention, diagnosis, all the way up to treatment. We cure patients with major health concerns through comprehensive and consistent medical assistance.

With the help of the latest high-grade medical equipment, combined with the comprehensive experience of our internal medicine doctors, solutions for complex health concerns crystallize and effectively treat any patient.

Regain your optimal wellness through the services we offer

  • Screening & treatment of hormonal disorders with special emphasis on thyroid
  • ECG screening for heart disorders
  • Lung assessment through PFT (Pulmonary Function Test)
  • Kidney ultrasound for kidney stone and cystic kidney disease detection with appropriate management advisory
  • Ultrasound for fatty liver and gall bladder stone detection and advisory for relevant treatments
  • Chest X-ray for chest ailment detection including pneumonia and tuberculosis
  • Pre-employment screening with fitness certificate issuance
  • Urgent care for medical emergencies (eg oxygen and nebulization for bronchial asthma)
  • Management of back pain & joint disorders with referral to physiotherapy in appropriate cases
  • Screening & treatment of peripheral neuropathy & Vitamin B12 deficiency

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      Internal Medicine
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